Steel plate cutting

Additional cutting line installed

We are gearing up for Metest Steel OÜ

There are still some things to do after finishing our expansion. We have successfully passing our first audit and are on our way of installing new gear to our new production line.

With our plans of expanding our overall Metest Group services, have we foreseen a need for additional capacity of handling raw material for welded beams.

We have installed an additional Plasma cutting table to be able to keep up with beam production that is starting very soon. We have now 4 cutting tables in our facility. Biggest overall working area is 18000mm x 3000mm. We have both Plasma and flame cutting possibilities.


Metest Group

Metest Group consists of 2 companies

  • Metest Metall OÜ was established year 2006. The company is focused on steel plate cutting and bending.
  • Metest Metall OÜ was founded in 2017 and is focused on further development of Metest Group. The company will be offering installation ready welded beams for building industry starting year 2019.

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